‘’But, why fixing what is not broken?’’, one may ask. The fact remains that at any level in life, there is always someone who is less privileged than you, and vice versa; and selfless help will always be an unending need. Sustainable development will be almost impossible without conscious partnerships and actions through relevant organizations. The act of volunteering should be continuous and consistent to effectively realize such the desired extent of sustainable socio-economic development.

Ranging from committing one’s resources, talents, and skill, time, energy, etc, sustainable community development in several areas through volunteering is possible. Volunteering ought to be encouraged as a habit. By this, you keep what is not broken unbroken, as well as fix what is broken! It is one of the noblest things one could engage in. Amongst other things, one could derive emotional, career, professional satisfaction from it. For instance, as a professional, the possibility of self-improvement, interacting and learning from awesome people with special gifts exists.

Whether remotely or on-site, habitual volunteering is truly possible. Maximizing every available volunteering opportunity, as well as actively seeking to participate in volunteerism is the way to start. Next is being passionate to continue, and then progressively giving one’s best. These are fundamental to making volunteerism a lifestyle.

Overall, fulfilment and satisfaction are key to such habitual sustenance and continuance in volunteerism. Ideally, the choice of volunteering area should be driven by passion, empathy, and possibly in the field of one’s training or expertise. With those, one can ‘trade one’s talents’ — using the skills and training gained professionally during the volunteering activity. These fuels the possibility of persistent Volunteerism. And its benefits are enormous, much more when it is made a habit.

This article was written by Emmanuel Aguboshim, a volunteer Content Writer at VoluCulture.


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