Some stories are written with ink on paper. They’re usually amazing to read as you travel through the journeys of the different characters in the story. The ones with happy endings particularly stand out for many people, as they allow them to exercise the zygomaticus major muscles, leaving the face with an ear-to-ear smiley expression. On any given day, a good story can cheer up the little lads and the olds ones alike. Stories can have that cheerful impact on us.

But hey, are all stories written in ink and on paper? Maybe not.

Some stories may never have the opportunity to be woven in the pages of a book, yet they carry deep meaning and great value to many lives. Such are stories we have chosen to write at VoluCulture.

At VoluCulture, we’ve deliberated to write such stories. In our ambition, we are set on a course to write them on hearts of flesh, yes on men’s hearts. Strange? Yes, but the good strange I guess.

How do you do that? I’m glad you asked.

Very simple! We provide a platform where we have experientially learned to facilitate the making of such stories. In this, we bring amazing volunteers to awesome volunteering opportunities and as our volunteers reach out to the different communities, they interact in ways beyond definite descriptions. These virtual and physical interactions harness moments where the impact is made in the lives of one another. As the adage goes, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of another.” Our volunteering opportunities demonstrate that wisdom.

Every volunteer gets to impact individuals in communities wherein they volunteer and vice versa. Through these interactions, they extend their hands into the lives of other people thereby touching their hearts and scribbling thereon pages of profound and cherishable memories. As the days go by and the experience comes to an evening, every volunteer realizes that they have collected a vast wealth of experiences where the selfless philanthropic spirit in them has poured out into other hearts, flooding them with goodness, hope, and an immeasurable sense of gratitude. In return, the favor is given back in depths of love, appreciation, great affection, life-transforming lessons, and many more.

Like they say, “It’s not the destination that matters the most, but the journey”. At the end of every volunteering opportunity, stories are engraved on the hearts of men, and quite often a lifetime is too small to fathom them all. Even after many days, our volunteers can look back as they reflect, and relive the memories of these heart-to-heart memories.

Here’s such a testimonial from Jude, who volunteered as a Curriculum Developer at Lifesong Kenya.

“Virtual Volunteering with VoluCulture has not only developed my social skills but also using this skill for a wider communal impact and in the African continent at large. It has made me see that I’m interested in things bigger than myself and willing to take every step to make a positive impact for a better Africa.”

It’s no doubt Jude has a story written on his heart through that volunteering experience. This then can justify his outstanding contribution to Lifesong Kenya to develop a new learning curriculum. Imagine what this will do to him every time he looks back and traces life-transforming lessons from this journey. What joy shall flood his heart when he sees the efforts of his curriculum bearing fruits in the lives of others? What do you think will the people at Lifesong that he volunteered with, think every time he comes to their mind? I bet they’ll always recall his memory with gratitude and joy for the mile he walked in their shoes.

These stories mean a lot. Not every day they’ll be written on paper, but trust me the hearts that house them have very fond memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. They are like precious treasures that men seek, and when they find them, they guard them dearly until their last breath.

You too can write such stories in your life. Consider taking on a volunteering experience at VoluCulture, many opportunities await you.

This article was written by Patrick Mugera, a volunteer Content Writer at VoluCulture.

At VoluCulture, we provide an online platform that connects grassroots nonprofit organizations in Kenya with local and global virtual volunteers.